Field Filters use

Hi there,

I'm trying to use a Filed Filter on a native custom SQL to be able to filter globally on my Dashboard.

Most of this dashbord have been designed by using drag & drop.

On the following SQL, it has worked for the "site" but not for other element. Weirdest part is that I have duplicated this code to match another need and "site" does not work.

Each time I get the following error :

It says basically : Something went wrong.
An error occur. You can try to refresh the page or just go to the previous page.

I'm using the Open source version,

Thanks in advance,


WITH monthly_revenue AS
        strftime('%Y', mois) AS year
        , strftime('%m', mois) AS month
        , mois AS full_month
        , SUM(ca) AS monthly_revenue
        , SUM(CA_budget) AS monthly_budget
    FROM compare_budget_table
    WHERE 1=1
        AND CAST(strftime('%Y', mois) AS integer) = {{year}}
        [[ AND DATE(full_month) <= DATE({{month}})]]
        [[ AND {{site}}]]
        [[ AND {{type}}]]
        [[ AND {{sousgroupe}}]]
    GROUP BY 1,2,3
, cumulated_revenue AS
        , month
        , monthly_revenue
        , monthly_budget
        , full_month
        , SUM(monthly_revenue) OVER (PARTITION BY year ORDER BY month) AS cumulative_revenue
        , SUM(monthly_budget) OVER (PARTITION BY year ORDER BY month) AS cumulative_budget
    FROM monthly_revenue
    GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5
    , monthly_revenue
    , monthly_budget
    , cumulative_revenue - cumulative_budget as variation
FROM cumulated_revenue

There should be an error in the backend logs with what happened, can you get that log and post it here?


Thanks for answering.

I've just updated the Metabase version from 0.46.1 to the latest one and it solved my issues.

It now works as expected :smiley:

Thanks for your support anyway,