Field mapping not working

Hi there,
I am facing an issue that the field filter works on my end, but showing the error on my colleague's end. We both used chrome on MacBook, and other than the error, the field filter works fine on both end.

Note: She tried to restart the laptop, but it didn't help.


What supposed to show:

Whoa that’s interesting: can you post troubleshooting info and also open the browser developer tools to get from the network and console tab the errors?

Hi @Luiggi,
are you asking for the diagnostic info or logs? or where should I look for the troubleshooting info?

Settings->admin->troubleshooting, also show us the logs from the browser and if possible from the backend

Hi Luiggi,
I was told the issue is resolved, it was caused by the Chrome's adblock extension. Thanks for the help.