Field type is wrong

I recently updated a view in snowflake and made some changes to the types of fields in one of my views. I rescanned the database. When I look at the field types for the view in admin settings the field type shows up correctly as "Category". However, when I try to use the view in a question, the field type is a date type, meaning I can't use it to filter the question. What is wrong?

Try changing the base type in the app db. It’s in the metabase_fields table

Hi Luiggi, Thanks for the response. I'm new to Metabase, so I'm not sure where to find the metabase_fields table. When I look under datamodel, in the admin settings and choose the table with the problem field, it shows up as a category field type. However, when I try to use the field in a query, its type is date.

Hi Luiggi, This issue seems to have resolved. I'm not really sure how. I wound up making a change to the underlying query in Snowflake and the problem with the incorrect field type resolved itself.