Field Values caching - increase scan frequency (to minutes) or disable Field Values caching

Metabase version: 0.48.6
DB: PostgreSQL

Scenario: we have a frequently updated table and would like to see new values in filters (dropdown, field values) ASAP (within minutes, <5 min).

  • Proposed solutions suggest manually configuring scheduler, but the update frequency is limited to hours (too long).
  • We don't mind more queries to the DB.

Issue: creating model based of such table and linking dropdown filter directly works fine. But when using linked filters the dropdown values aren't updated for dependent filters. (see example below)


  1. database my_table with two columns - "category_parent", "category_child"
  2. corresponding metabase's model my_model (created with SQL query select * from my_table)
  3. dashboard with two Dropdown Field Value filters.
  • First filter is based of my_model's column "category_parent".
  • Second is linked to the first one, and presents values from "category_child"
  1. Insert some data:
  • parentvalue1, childvalueA
  • parentvalue2, childvalueB
  • parentvalue2, childvalueC
  1. Check dropdowns
  • first dropdown contains parentvalue1, parentvalue2
  • second dropdown contains childvalueA for parentvalue1 and childvalueB, childvalueC for parentvalue 2
  1. Insert single row
  • parentvalue2, childvalueX
  1. check second dropdown with parentvalue2 seleted

Expected behavior: dropdown must contain childvalueX
Actual behavior: it doesn't. Value appears only after field-value rescanning


  1. New rows are visible when viewing my_model right away
  2. New values are available right away if filters aren't linked
  3. metabase_fieldvalues contains "old" values for filter unless field-value rescanning is triggered

You can just simply hit the endpoint that you use to refresh the filter values (check what gets hit when you go to settings->admin->table metadata-> select a table and then select q field (icon on the right which looks like a gear)

Yes, I thought about that - it's definitely a workaround. But unfortunately it's very hack-ish from my POV:

  • it would require us to run some cron / scheduled job
  • it would have to possess means to authorize as admin, which is less than ideal from security perspective.

EDIT: another thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that not-linked filters are updated instantaneously. I don't get why though.