Fields not recognized as Category

Hi all,

A lot of fields in my DB could be seen as Category, but are not. I have several fields containing few values, and filtering data on them is cumbersome as I have to type the content myself in the input field.

For example, I have a field “Priority” containing 4 values : “high” “medium” “low” and NULL

When I create a new question, and try to filter on this field, I don’t have the checkboxes that would allow me to select the priority that I want.

Could the problem be the presence of NULL values ?
If yes, is there any way to allow metabase recognize these fields as category despite the presence of NULL ?

I am using Metabase v0.24.2 on top of PostgresSQL.

Thank you,

If you go into the Data Model section of the Admin Panel, you can manually change the Type of those fields to Category. That should do the trick.

Yes, true, but I have quite a lot of tables and fields, and I would like to have an automatic way of doing that…

For sure. We’re trying to improve how we identify Category fields:

and how we populate checkbox filters:

Thanks for the work :slight_smile:

I would still like to understand why some fileds are correctly recognized as Category, and some are not.
In the specific case I described, is the NULL value a problem ?

Having a Text column containing 4 distinct values should be considered as Category right ?