Filter a model in a dashboard

Hi everyone,

I have just created a model from a SQL question for my sales orders, everything is perfect but I just have an issue, I can't manage to get a dropdown list to choose for example a customer from a list. I have linked the customer name column to the corresponding column in my database, and I can see the list in the description (see picture), but when I click the button to filter, there is a spinning wheel and then I only get a search box. Am I doing something wrong?

PS I managed to circumvent the issue by filtering through pre-made questions but it's not practical, and I also can't filter in the charts themselves.

I have the same problem

Is that field a category field in the data model? Can you go to settings->admin->table metadata, click on the gear and then see if it shows “a list of all values”?

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Hi Luiggi,

that did the trick, thanks: the field was visible, but not stated as category!

By the way, thanks to Metabase I learnt how to do SQL queries and it helped me get a better overview of my business and do more precise queries, can't thank you guys enough for developing this software :+1: