Filter a model in a dashboard

Hi everyone,

I have just created a model from a SQL question for my sales orders, everything is perfect but I just have an issue, I can't manage to get a dropdown list to choose for example a customer from a list. I have linked the customer name column to the corresponding column in my database, and I can see the list in the description (see picture), but when I click the button to filter, there is a spinning wheel and then I only get a search box. Am I doing something wrong?

PS I managed to circumvent the issue by filtering through pre-made questions but it's not practical, and I also can't filter in the charts themselves.

I have the same problem

Is that field a category field in the data model? Can you go to settings->admin->table metadata, click on the gear and then see if it shows “a list of all values”?

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Hi Luiggi,

that did the trick, thanks: the field was visible, but not stated as category!

By the way, thanks to Metabase I learnt how to do SQL queries and it helped me get a better overview of my business and do more precise queries, can't thank you guys enough for developing this software :+1:

hello @Luiggi and @BenTpe

I am facing the exact same problem as you @BenTpe
I have a model with column linked to a table column also customer as you ^^

When I create the filter from connected fields it shows the list :

But when on the dashboard, it shows nothing :

I have put everything to category as you proposed (before, it was "entity name")

But still same result,

What did I miss ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi, sorry to hear you have the same problem as me... it should work with the parameters you've entered!
Have you rescanned the field then? After doing a change I always go to the "Databases" tab in Admin, and press the two "sync database schema now" and "re-scan fields value now", it speeds up the update of data. Otherwise, not too sure how to help you sorry :frowning:

Hello @BenTpe

Thanks for your response. But I found what was causing my problem. Even if it was the same symptoms the root cause was different.
I explained everything in this ticket :

Thanks anyway for your time

Hi there,
good that you found a solution... actually I had noticed it and forgot already haha.
In my learning process I found out that creating views on the database directly (CREATE VIEWS "name of your view" AS SELECT...), then querying from Metabase solves this issue, and has the additional benefit of keeping everything in sync in a more simple fashion. I think you can try it if you haven't yet.