Filter by ENUM Arrays

Our database (pgSQL 12) has several columns across some tables that are arrays of enum values. We would like the ability to "view" our data by querying rows where these enum arrays contain "any of" or "all of" the values selected. Unfortunately, the filter seems to only allow selecting the different permutations of the array values present:

Can anyone please guide me as to how I can configure Metabase to have the above filter just have the three values that are valid in the enum (SPONSOR, CAPITAL_PROVIDER, BROKER)?

Hi @sathyp
Arrays are currently not supported - it's something that we're looking into, together with JSON blobs.
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Thanks @flamber, appreciate the prompt response here. Hope that the timeline for implementing this feature isn't too far out! This is more or less the only missing feature!

@sathyp We're trying to tackle JSON next year, which would likely mean that we're tackling arrays and enums too, since they share a lot of the same construction (no guarantees). But it's a lot harder than one might expect, considering the many database types that Metabase supports.

Hi @flamber, wanted to bump this thread as it's been 9 months. Wanted to see how JSON support in Arrays has involved in Metabase.

@sathyp Have a look at the roadmap, it is not a guarantee or set in stone. I cannot provide timelines.
JSON support is available since v43, but Array support is not currently available.