Filter by other filter results

Hey there,
I'm new to Metabase, enjoying it so far.
I have been trying to create a dashboard with a few native queries from our database.

The main question on this dashboard has two main columns - a group ID and a True/False field based on the "group by" calculation.

I added a True/False filter to the main question, and I want the other questions to be filtered by the group IDs of the result.

I tried to cross-filter, but could make it work only for one variable, not the result group.

Thanks ahead,

Hi @omerair
I don't think I fully understand what you're trying to do, but you would have to add the same filtering to your other queries, otherwise they wouldn't know what to filter on.

thanks for the quick replay, I will try to explain better:

the main question return a True/False value to each Group ID of the queried table.
(for example, groups 1, 4, 45 and 106 are True)
I want all the other question to filter by the group IDs off all the 'True' Groups from the first question.
(all the rows where group ID is 1, 4, 45 and 106)

Is that something I can do?

@omerair You would have to join the same tables as the main question in the other questions, and have the same filter variables there, so you can connect the dashboard filters to all the questions.