Filter Custom Question from native query with variable

Hi everyone, I'am New using metabase, i created custom question from native qustion with variable, and when i add to dashboard and add filter on dashboard, i can't filter that.

Hi @rullisubekti
Filter variables are not parsed through nested questions. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Thanks for answer :pray:

Hi @rullisubekti @flamber

I used a workaround for this one .

Instead of using filter, i asked user to input the value (e.g., a specific date) in the native query itself and save results.
e.g., select * from Orders where created_at = to_date('03/05/2022', 'dd/mm/yyyy')

The result was then available in the Custom question (using this native sql), where user could do whatever slice and dice needed.