Filter Dashboards Based On Custom Fields

I have a custom field in my questions which I'd like to use as a filter for my dashboards. But when I choose Filter > Other Categories, my custom field isn't listed as one of the columns that I can filter on. Is there any other way to do this?

Hi @al3xs
Sounds like you're using an older version of Metabase. Latest release is 0.43.4:
There are situations, where dashboard filtering is limited for Custom Columns:

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I'm using what should be the latest version via Render so hopefully I'm ok there?

I guess this is the problem then. So to fix that, I'd have to create a new question, add my custom column and then do the aggregation?

@al3xs I have no idea which version you're using.
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
If you're seeing 19744, then you need to avoid the double aggregation by using nested questions or use SQL.

Sorry I thought you'd be able to see that from the link I shared. I am on 0.41.7. Since I set up Metabase via Render, I'll check with them to see how I should update to the latest version. Appreciate the help!