Filter data by Date Range includes another Date

I occured problem when I try to filter data by Date Range between dates;
For example I need do select data for March/01/2018
So I set timestamp filter to “Between March/01/2018 ~ March/01/2018”

But result includes some data for previous Day (February 28):

When I add Time to date to Date Range between dates result is correct:

Why that happens and is there way to solve that problem?

It’s a real pain but depending on your setup all the clocks down from the database even up to your browser in some cases has to be set right.

A good starting point for troubleshooting is :blue_book: this section in the Troubleshooting guide

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Jornh, thanks for your answer, that worked for me.
I figured it out by selecting the “Report Time Zone” setting in the General settings tab of the Admin Panel.

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