Filter Dates by "Anniversary, birthday, on this date, Month of year"

Edit: I moved this from feature requests to get help as Im starting to think I just might be missing something.

From what I can tell this is not currently supported without custom SQL.

I have a dashboard of employee information. I would like a list of who’s birthdays and work anniversaries falls in the current month. I can group their birthday’s by “month of year” and that can give me a tally of birthdays for each month, but from what i see I can not filter in a similar way. Would love to filter like so:
*Matching Month - “Date Of Birth: Month Of Year is Current Month”
*Matching Month/Day
*Matching Year Week
*Matching Day of Week

If I’ve missed something please let me know!

Thanks again for such an amazing tool!

Actually… I see this filter already exists… If I take a group of employees and group using birthday by month of year… I can then view the results of a particular month and a filter of “Date Of Birth: Month of Year is January”

However, Im not seeing a way to manually recreate that in the filters.

Am i missing something here?

Just wanted to bump this. Is bumping allowed here?


Unfortunately I don’t think so. It reflects what I’m experiencing, and I think you just pointed to a UI inconsistency/missing feature. So fine to re-categorize as such.

Bumping, if for nothing else than just for the sake of getting confirmation of your finding is also OK. I must admit on your initial post I wrote half of an answer - then dismissed it - just because it really didn’t add anything new than just confirming what you found. Sadly a bit the same now. :grimacing:

Guess eventually this should get fixed, maybe standing a better chanced if bundled up with a few related time-series filter related issues like Include Hours and minutes on dashboard date/time filters like there is within Questions and on GitHub.

Thank you so much! Good to have that clarity!