Filter doesn't work with the right type of data


The filter on one column is set on checkbox, and sometimes it becomes a text field. And then it reappears as check boxes. Would you know why it happens, and if yes, could you fix it?

How many distinct values does the field have?

There are 64 distinct values


Are you sure that partstore_persistedoffer.distributor has been recognized by the right type ? You can check in "parcourir les données" -> "nom de votre base de donnée" -> "apprendre au sujet de cette table" on partstore_persistedoffer -> "champs de cette table" -> "type de champ" on distributor

I don't know if it's will help you, but I know that the type identified has a real impact on filter.

PS : sorry for luiggi I put indications in french :smile:

Thanks for the advice. I checked and the type of the field is "Catégorie", so it should work as checkbox right?

Yes I think... But as you can see in the Metabase documentation it's depend of the quantity of data, the exact quantity isn't specified so, maybe, you're next to the limit and sometimes it's to much for the system and sometimes it's ok

I'm sorry, I think I can't help you more...

Here the link to the documentation page used for the screenshot : SQL parameters

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Ok thank you very much!!

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