Filter for waterfall chart in Metabase

Hi All,
I would like to ask if we can have filter for waterfall in Metabase? the dataset have multiple entities (please see the figure) , what I want is if I choose one specific entity using filter in a dashboard, Metabase will display a waterfall chart for the chosen entity.
For example, with the data below, if I choose filter "a", it will plot with data when filter=a only.
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Hi @williamvu
Yes, you can do that. It really doesn't have anything to do with Waterfall visualization.
Have a look here:

Hi @flamber;
with the above example data; I try the following sql options:

option 1:
select time, value, type from table
where {{type}} -- and some UI step to map type to type column
--> the waterfall did not show up
With this SQL query, if I choose visualization option as line chart, I am able to use the filter (by adding type column as a series breakout.

option 2:
select time, value, type from table
where {{type}} and type='a' -- basically, select data for type 'a' only
--> the waterfall chart appear, but I could not have the filter.

Could you please let me know which part I did wrong for the waterfall chart?

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@williamvu But you should not return the type in the select clause, since you don't want it to appear anywhere in the visualization - right?
Post a screenshot of your problem, it might be easier to explain what you want.

Thanks @flamber,
Following your suggestion, I upload some pictures here. From the screenshot, you can see the sql I use, and the outcome.

  1. a query to show data collected from db

    2.When I query all data, no waterfall chart appears
  2. If query data for a specific type_col value, I can see a waterfall chart, but for only one group.
    What I want is to have a filter, that allow me to choose type_col value, with the chosen one, the corresponding waterfall chart will appear (in a dashboard).
  3. If I choose line chart, I am able to see two lines for different type_col

    If is there any point I did not explain well, kindly let me know.
    Thank you,

@williamvu You are seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
So either group by time_col, or make the variable Required.

Thanks @flamber
Upvoted :slight_smile: