Filter in cascade

Hello! I need linked filter in the dashboard, but i can´t to realize filter in cascade. I have two columns vinculed "ID" and "Itil Categories ID" where if you selections a ID, show the categories relationship (sub categories).
For example: Id=4 have 5 sub categories (ID = 5 - 6 -18 - 19 and 21)

I need show the tree when the users selections the root, and show the information in dashboard of root included the sub categories.

I wait you understand, sorry for my english :frowning:
Thank you.

Hi @marozzir
I would recommend that you read this article:
And if you're still having problems, then post screenshots of how you have done the linking for each filter

I read that link but it does not allow linking filters because of the type of relationship I show:

the Both show the same information:

Nowhere i can the field to custom relationship (Id) for indicate the sons.

@marozzir But I have no idea what the first "Categoria"-filter is connected to. I can only see "Categoria 1"-filter is connected to "Categoria"-column and linked to "Categoria".
And I have no idea which type of question "Ultimos 5 tickets creados" is or which tables it's querying.

Perhaps you should start by giving the filters a name, which makes it a little easier to understand the difference.

I would recommend that you play around with the Sample Dataset, while reading the article, so you can better understand how to make it work.

Ok, Category is a filter in the card "Last 5 tickets created":

and Subcategory is too a filter in the card "Last 5 tickets created"

Both are relationship to column of table "GLPI Itil Categories":

I need that when selecting category, automatically filter the subcategory, through the following relation:

In the same way I need it to work at the dashboard level.
Thank you.

@marozzir Both filters are mapped to "Complete Name"-column - that's why they're showing the same information.
You need to map one filter to one column, and the other filter to another column.

But looking at your data, I think you need to create a different model. That is going to take some work, but not something I'm going to explain, since it's not really related to Metabase and very specific to your data.

exactly flamber, the model data is of the aplication generic GLPI. Thank you.