Filter in Dashboard with Question and Model

I need create a dashboard where I need filterring the value from two columns (this columns influence the results each other). On dashboard I insert the SQL question in which i connect the model. I have all linked (dashboard to question variable, in question filterring with fields and in model setting columns with metadata).
And still I get error like: "DB"."tableName"."columnName": Invalid Identifier

Also I have situation in which i want filter one date between 2 columns. In dashboard set one date and this date I need check if they are between column valid_from and valid_to. How can I solved this? The best way is withnout used >= and <=.

Thank you very much!

P.S.: The version of Metabase is v0.46.2 and Open Source

Have you checked the field filters? Field Filters: create smart filter widgets for SQL questions

Yes, the field filters are ready and filtering in their working (a list of all values and also search box).

Sorry , then I don’t understand the issue here

The hints in list of all values and search box working, but when reloading filters done with inserted values i get a error "DB"."tableName"."columnName": Invalid Identifier

is there a way you can post reproduction steps with the sample database?