Filter is not working on Trend comparison

I have created a trend where I am comparing monthly data.
I am getting % change over last month if there is no filter used, but as soon as I am selecting month from the filter, comparison % disappears. Even though if I am selecting the current month.

Please note that I have mapped the correct month column with the filter.

Hey there,

can you show us the query underneath?


Below is the screenshot of the query -

I am taking month and sum from a subquery where all other metrics are also calculated.

Query seems correct.

When using a Trend, the underline output table needs at least two rows to work.

So for example, this works, when I filter the last three months:

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.15.30

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.16.44

This does not work, when I filter only the current month:

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.16.12

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 12.16.25

About your issue, I don't think it make sense to filter only for the current month, because you are already selecting the latest month by default.

I also have multiple rows in my data. Although the past months beyond June have 0 value, so trying to compare the values where data is available.

You're right about applying filter on the current month is of no use when by default the current month is selected, but my concern is why comparison is not calculated when filter for the same time period is selected.

I am not able to understand if it is known issue in metabase or if I am doing anything incorrect.

When you apply the filter, how does the underline table looks like?

Its only showing one row corresponding to the current month.
Ah, I got this now.
So this means trend comparison won't work with filters, because filters will select only the relevant data and not the comparison data.

Exact, that's the reason, I wish i could have expressed better my thoughts with my first reply!

Thank you @Roberto