Filter not working with oracle database

Hi, i am creating dashboard where I am using oracle. Charts are appearing just fine but as I am applying field filter on them an error saying "java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00904: "SWS_WB_PROD"."CYMS_V_TRUCK_DETAILS"."MINES_NAME": invalid identifier". is appearing.

The query is just running fine till I am using filter so I guess this is not a syntax issue.
Please anyone tell me a solution about how to solve the above issue.
I am also adding a image of the same error.
Is this a version issue?????

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Is the column MINES_NAME in teh Truck_Details view?
Metebase allows you to select a fieled to map to that isn’t in the table being queried when you use freehand SQL.

Any update?