Filter on the client side?

Is it possible to have filtering and sorting apply just on the client side?

I've got millions of rows in the database, but often return just a number of them - less than 100.

To show the data or do some additional analysis I may need to sort it or filter it further. but sending these changes to the database takes forever.

What I'm hoping for is a way to apply sorting and filtering on the client only, especially if the number of rows is small.

Hi @ChrisH
Currently no: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
An alternative would be to use a materialized view on the database or persistent model cache

I gave the issue a :+1:.

I do have caching enabled, but it doesn't seem to help much in these cases...
Is there something I can look for in the logs perhaps that would tell me when there is a cache hit?

@ChrisH It's not caching, it's persistent models. So queries are made to those models (basically similar to a materialized view). If you cannot get persistent models to work, then create materialized views on your database with limited data, so queries are fast.
There's no other options.

The link you provided talks about model caching but doesn't mention "persistent models".
I did a search through the docs and didn't see another doc that looked relevant. Is there a doc that explains how to set up persistent models?

@ChrisH It's called persistent caching, it's what I've linked to. It's completely different from normal query caching.

@flamber - when I click the link you provided above (, I cannot find the word "persistent" on that page.

Here's a picture of the whole page in case I'm seeing something different than you are:

@ChrisH That's what the feature was called internally, what the code functions also calls it. Guess they decided to rename it.