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The search in filters works in such a way that I always have to type the word I’m looking for in the right order, e.g. I’m looking for product1, but in the table the entry looks like group1_product1 and it will not be found.

This is a great pity, that is a must have feature.

Or is there a way to do that?

upd.: here someone has already asked that Type of search in fields used in filters (LIKE type)


Yeah, this would be a nice improvement. There’s a work-in-progress feature here, though it only works for static list filters rather than the search widget type of filter currently:


Hi maz,

Thanks for the reply. I hope very much that it will be realized soon. This is “must have” feature.
Without this feature, unfortunately, this cool app is not useful for me.


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@alex1, Agreed, basic filtering “must haves” would make a world of difference for Metabase users. You can help speed their implementation by indicating your interest by signing into GitHub and “upvoting” them and also “liking” related posts in this forum clicking every entry up and down the post threads to maximize your impact. This helps the Metabase team better allocate their time and effort on those items that are most important to users such as:
Add fuzzy search for categories filters with a list (GitHub Pull Request #7951) as noted above,
Limit the number of options displayed in a filter based on the selection of another filter (GitHub Issue #5540), e.g. Country>City>Postal Code, and
Sort Filters (in this forum) e.g. custom sort Red, White, Black rather than alphabetical Black, Red, White (@maz is there a GitHub issue or pull on this? if not there should be).