Filter spaces

How to filter spaces in a table?

Hi @zoucanfa
A little more details would probably be helpful to understand what your problem is.

Hello, if there are data spaces in my database table, how should I filter them?

@zoucanfa I don’t understand what you are asking. Please provide screenshots or more descriptive details.

As shown in the figure, I have a data space in the table instead of null. But I want to filter this space. What should I do?

@zoucanfa Are you sure it’s a space and not a null value? Click the field filter selector and choose “Is empty”

Yes, I’m sure,because it is connected to a new form field created by my local database.If I choose is empty,prompt no result.So I don’t know how to filter.

@zoucanfa Then use a Custom Expression with the formula:
[title] = ""