Filter SQL by created table


I need to create a filter on a SQL query. The available tables do not have the filtered column values I want, only given by some table manipulation. Is it possible to link the filter values to some previous SQL query?

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B. Peixoto

Hi @brunolnetto
I don't understand. Can you include your query?

The query is not relevant in this problem. it may be, for example, select * from table_1 [[where {{column_1}}]]. I have table_1 and table_2, the values I want to show up on the dropdown menu are a subset of column_1. Take note: the displayed values on the auto-complete dropdown are a subset.

@brunolnetto When using Field Filters, then the dropdown options comes from your database, so you'll need to create a View on your database.
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What is the criterium for an issue to turn into a feature?

@brunolnetto An issue can be a Bug or a Feature. When an issue will be fixed, that all depends. Prioritization, upvotes, direction we want to take Metabase and so on.
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