Filter time by date and time

When filtering the time period by date, the results are displayed, but when I add the hour, it returns no results?

what's the field type and what's the timezone? most problably it's a timezone issue in the query. Have you checked what is the exact query that Metabase will send to the DB?

I have set the format according to date, year and time, field type is datetime. I filtered by date and got results, but when I added hours, I couldn't find any results.

how to "Have you checked what is the exact query that Metabase will send to the DB?"

How to convert to format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS

When you do a question , Metabase sends a whey to the database. You can check which query Metabase sends by clicking on the icon in the question builder or the eye button on the sql editor

I saw it and I filtered it by date, month, year, and the results were still displayed. But if you add more hours, the form in the condition is still displayed and only takes the date, month and year from there, leading to no results being found.
The condition after 'Where' did not change when I added hours to the filter with format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI:SS is " DateFromParts(year("dbo"."BM_BERTH_PLAN"."ATA"), month("dbo"."BM_BERTH_PLAN"."ATA"), day("dbo"."BM_BERTH_PLAN"."ATA")) ". I checked querry in SQL then it show one side represents date and the other side represents datetime