Filter widget is not working

Goal: Create a filter which makes it possible to filter on "Adresse" and "Kampanje id".

Issue: When inserting an "Adresse" I know is in the data output and press 'run query' nothing happens. It still shows the data output from before. The same happens if I try to filter on "Kampanje id".

I have tried the same with another query without joins, and it seems to run fine. Do I have to do anything different when using joins?

Please post diagnostic info

I unfortunately do not have that available.
But there are no error messages etc that shows when i run the query.

Are there no obvious reason why it is not working as I want it to?

Do you know what it could be related to? e.g the database?

Include parentheses in the and / or function

where 1 = 1
[[and {{title}}]]
[[and {{campaign_id}}]]
and (orders.client_id in (916,2014, 1694,958,931,646,190,183)
or orders.client_id between 902 and 916)
order by orders.created_at desc;