Filter with no dropdown

Hello guys,

Is there anyway to create a dashboard filter without using a dropdown?
I would like to use a “City” filter, however I have 5k cities and the dropdown is limited to 300, I guess.
It could be just a textbox and the user would freely type the city.


Sandro Wiggers

Oh God!
It’s just a simple WHERE city = {{city}} with city variable as text.

Yep, that’s how to do it as a question filter widget.

If you need to have that question work with a dashboard filter, though, you’ll need to set up your filter as a Field Filter and connect it to the City field. The expected behavior is that if your field has more than 300 distinct values, Metabase should render the filter as a input box rather than a dropdown, but there’s an issue (#5150 and #5323) we’ll be fixing in version 0.26 where we weren’t doing that correctly.