Filter YES - NO - question/dasboard

I would like to create a YES - NO filter in a question.

To create the filter, I select a column with different values. For example cities.
There are rows where city is null and rows where that column have value.

I would like to create a filter [[AND {{code_yes_no}}]]

if row value is null them result = NO
if row value is not null them result = YES

The only method I can think of is to create an attached column where values are YES - NO, but it is inefficient for my data model.

Does Metabase allow any solution?

Hi @JoaquinMontesinos
So currently there’s no built-in way for this.
You’re probably looking for custom dropdowns - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:
A work-around I have used several times is to create a “lookup” table with only the data needed (one column, two rows in your case) and then modify your query to search for the correct data based on the lookup.
Another way is to use a View, if you prefer to keep the information inside one table. Makes everything a bit easier for users in Metabase (and they can use the query builder too).