Filtering Bug?

Hi! Tearing what remains of my hair out over this!

I have a set of data that I’m wanting to set some ‘group by’ filters on. I can get so far with no problem and I’m perfectly happy with this:

However, when I add another field to ‘group by’ it starts to separate out these ‘NB’ types and I don;t know why.

Its even stranger, on the above there are 32 ‘NB’ types that get put into the left hand column, but if I group by a different field there are only 30, on some fields there are none. What’s going on here and how can I fix it?

Metabase version 0.31.2 (but it was doing this on previous versions), running on Ubuntu.

Thanks, in advance,


Hi @tonymc
When doing a question with one numeric column and two grouped columns, then the table automatically enables “Pivot”.
To get a regular table, then click the :gear: icon next to Visualization Table and disable “Pivot”