Filtering on the dasboard per tab

is it possible to limit the filtering on the dasboard per tab? I want to create multiple tabs, but not all tabs need the same filters:



I think the tabs were designed so that you could combine dashboards that shared the same filters!
Only choice you have is to not link some of the filters to the questions on the tab.

It will come in the near future

Can we also not run queries for all the tabs when someone opens one tab? Tabs help organize bigger dashboards but then it leads to many questions/queries. If all tabs load together then it becomes a bottleneck for the data warehouse. Also, it's unnecessary. Instead, a tab should load once a user goes to it, and caching should take care of repeats.

upgrade to 47.3, it works the way you mention

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awesome, thanks!

Hello everyone!
Does anyone knows if this problem is already fixed? If not do you guys know if the enterprise or pro plan has the option of selecting individual filters for each specific tab?

Thank you in advance :smiley:

I was about to say that it had been fixed in 48 but I'd have been wrong. As far as I can tell, the filters are still the same for every tab.

Good morning Andrew,

And this doesn't change accordingly to the plan being used, right?

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does not, and will never do

@Luiggi Just wanted a little more clarification, are you confirming that this behavior will never change? The dashboard filters will persist across all tabs even if they are not relevant for a particular tab?

Hey everyone,

Tab-specific filters now work on Metabase 49. If the filter isn't hooked up to any cards in that tab then the filter won't appear.

@madkap, I think @Luiggi meant that this won't change between plans. This functionality is available for all

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