Filtering/summary Question

I work for a non profit that provides water and sanitation in central america. I am pretty sure I will screw up the language here, so please forgive me.
I have a database with:
20 Communities, 2000+ families (connected to specific communities), 4000+ “benefits” that include date and type (food, water, bathroom etc) that are subforms of the family.
I am currently working on some dashboards and am stuck. Is it possible for me to “count” the # of families that have a “benefit” compared to those that don’t that will add up to the total numbers of families?

For example, there are 100 families in community “A”, and 75 families have been provided with clean water. I would like to do a simple graph to show the number of families have water or not. I can easily show the 75, but i want to “count” the families that do not have the subform “water” (which includes a lot more info).

Hopefully that is clear…Gracias

Hi @scunning33
It’s a little difficult to help without knowing your data, but it sounds like you need to use Custom Expressions:
There are certain functionality in Custom Expressions, which depends on how your data is stored, so that’s why it’s difficult to say exactly what you should use in your query.

And if everything fails, it can most certainly be done with SQL, but that would require a lot more knowledge.