Filtering tables on columns


I have a table with 30 columns with a value of them every second. (like voltage1, voltage2, temp1,....)

I want to create a dashboard with 5 graphs and a filter on top. The filter should contain a dropdown with the column names. This so i can select one or more of them that will be shown in the 5 graphs.

Right now it looks like i should create 5 x 30 questions to display the graphs? Is there a way to filter a table on COLUMN?

Thanks in advance

I don't think I follow. The filters are mean to filter the data, not the columns.
Perhaps you can describe it differently or provide data examples or screenshots.


Thanks for your reply.

I'll try to explain a bit better below.

For example the table looks like:
timestamp | temperature | voltage | frequency | distance | ... 30 other colums
12:01:01 | 35.6 | 4.1 | 52.3 | 0.1254
12:01:01 | 35.4 | 4.09 | 51.8 | 0.1374
12:01:01 | 35.8 | 4.04 | 51.2 | 0.0637

We want to create a dashboard with a dropdown box with options: temperature, voltage, frequency, dinstance and the other 30 column names. So in the table are 35 types of measurements per unit of time (in our case per second)

When a column for example 'temperature' is selected, then all the questions below, lets say a graph with the values per minute for the last few hours. And a graph with all the mean values per hour the last day. A value stating the max value this day et cetera...

And when the user selects for example 'frequency' then all of the dashboard shows the insights for 'frequency' instead of 'temperature' that was selected before.

Thanks again

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@MVP It very much sounds like you'll want to transpose your table, so it became:

timestamp | type        | value
12:01:01  | temperature | 35.6
12:01:01  | voltage     | 4.1

Since then you could create a single question, which could be used for all the measures (filtered or not).
Metabase does not have a built-in transpose functionality, so you'll have to create a View on your database.