Filtering through the UI after writing SQL

Currently exploring the ability to manipulate our data in Metabase. The root of my problem at this stage is poorly structured data but....The only way I was able to convert the data into a usable format was through a series of annoying left joins that I was not able to do through the Metabase Custom Question feature. The only way I was able to convert my data was by writing native SQL.

The problem I'm running into now is that after I've converted my data I entirely lose the ability to filter the new data through the UI. For example, when I hit the column I can't filter anything (image below doesn't have filter options)

I realize that when I generate a left join table through the Custom Question feature that I can still filter columns through the UI but why can't I do this after writing SQL? Is there any way to get around this? Are there alternative solutions that don't involve migrating my data directly?

Hi @jeffDeon
Because Metabase doesn't understand your SQL, so it's not able to parse something into your query.

But you can use the SQL question via Saved Questions in the GUI:

It would be interesting to understand which type of left joins that you cannot do in the GUI.

The issue I ran into was finding a way to do the following

on player_games."created_at" between version_lookup_table.start_date and version_lookup_table.end_date

I didn't see an option to use between anywhere in the UI. Any tips?

@jeffDeon No, there's currently not a support for such join.

Great! Thanks for the reply