Filtering Values in a Field Dropdown (SQL Server)

**I have a query that is using native SQL Server syntax and I have embedded variables in the SQL… it is working great. Someone asked if it would be possible to restrict the values in the drop-down based on a where clause in the SQL. I added the where clause into the SQL for that field assuming that if the data was not available in the results of query that it would not be visible in the drop-down filter. Since Metabase queries the tables and rebuilds the unique field values this is not working. Is there any way that I can restrict the drop-down values of a native SQL query filter to only specified values?

I have read of a handful of other posts that we’re talking more about limiting the number return or cascading filters. I could not find an exact example of what I’m requesting. Sorry if it’s already been asked**


Hi @Slickrock22
Currently no, since the dropdown is not connected to the query, but is cached field values from the scan. The only way I know of currently, would be to create a view, where you input your custom values or filter a table, and use that as your Field Filter.
There’s requests open for that - go and upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post:

Thanks for the quick response!