Filters and SQL Debug

Hi. We are evaluating many BI Data Viz and I personally liked metabase and its UI. However, I fell that a few basic things are missing so I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong. So here I’m with a few questions:

(1) On SQL query question, I can’t see what was the final query sent to DB was when using filters. The problem is it’s very hard to know what went wrong when DB or metabase returns errors. I couldn’t find a way to know the generated SQL. Is there a debug panel or something like that?

(2) One of the solutions we are evaluating is, where they have pretty similar filters options. However, they have drop down filters based on from SQL queries (ex: select id, description from...), tables (like metabase) or text (1, "One"; 2, "Two"; 3, "Three";...). These options are very useful. With drop down filter based only on queries directly from tables it’s pretty much not viable for us since we don’t have tables (or views) for every filter. Is there something similar to these options on metabase?

(3) Still on filters, is there a way to create conditional filters? Ex: {{#if is_user == 'Y'}} AND user.ID IS NOT NULL {{#endif}} (again, based on feature)

ps: I’m using Mac version for my evaluation: “version v0.30.4 - Built on 2018-09-26”

There is a debug panel, but it doesn’t help with SQL queries.
The other 2 can be done using embedding, but then you lose the interactivity.