Filters - Calender Year cannot be selected directly

I have created a question using native query and plugged in dashboard. This question shows data between 2 dates which are obviously filters created using variables. It works fine.
My issue is my data is pretty old and my client may need to select dates between years 2001-2010. To select this, I didn’t see any facility to change year/month directly but I need to scroll back from year Nov-2019 to the years 2001-2010 month-by-month when I am suppose to select the date combinations. Is there any alternate way to select the dates directly without scrolling dates month by month (say-11/FEB/2002)…I mean editing/changing year directly?
Answer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @mganorkar
I’m not sure if I understand your request, but it sounds like you’re looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thanks a lot! I previewd link however, it donot mention clearly about the direct selection of year!
Can we select year directly? Even quarter selection couldn’t see!


@mganorkar I don’t understand. Something is getting lost in translation. The request I linked to, is about having a Year option. Is that not what you are looking for?
As for Quarter option, that’s already available:

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1.This is my problem

These selection dates are 2 variables created/plugged in a count query involving multiple tables with two variables defining date range. (I am doing this as I cannot & don’t want to show these dates in my selection query)
If you can see the 1st date, it shows 29 November, 2019. If i want to select dates as

from date = 1 APR 2009

To date = 31 March, 2011

I will have to scroll back month by month. I cannot edit/change year directly to get the dates mentioned above! Is there any provision for editing/changing year directly? Otherwise the user of this report will face trouble while selection of such dates

  1. My recent another problem is when I am using syntax for default date value in this query, it shows me invalid character error

When I remove # & CURRENT_DATE(), Query executes well


  1. Okay, so you’re talking about SQL question with simple Date filter.
    There’s a request open for a more flexible date selector: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
    Depending on your query, you might be able to use just one Field Filter instead, since it has a much more advanced date selector.
    Just note that Oracle requires schema in the reference too, like ... FROM schema.table

  2. I don’t know what the comment syntax is on Oracle, so try -- or // instead of #.