Filters Interaction


I face two problems regarding filters:

1) Interaction between filters from different tables doesn't seem to work.
In my SQL query, I have data from sales quotes with a link no the customer table.
I have one filter on the customer ID from the sales quotes table and another filter on the customer full name from the customer table.
In the dashboard, filtering on some customer IDs has no impact on the customer names filter in which I still have the full list of customer names.
My filters are however well linked in the dashboard and the tables are well linked in the SQL query.
Is it possible to make filters based on fields from different tables interact?

2) Filter with limited values
In the same example as above, I also get the sales quotes status names from a another table. Again, filters are linked and the tables are linked in the SQL query.
My problem is that, in the status table, I have status names of all document types (quotes, orders, deliveries, ...). I consequently have a restrection in my SQL Query to focus on quotes status but it has no impact on the filter. Is that possible to limit values from a field in the filter?

Thank you in advance for your help !

Hi @MarieG
Just for reference:
Using Linked Filters can be a little tricky, since you have to use Field Filters if using SQL, while the Admin > Data Model also needs to make foreign key reference between the tables for it to work.
Perhaps these two issues explains the problems you will otherwise encounter and

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Hi @flamber,

Thank you for your answer. This solves my first problem !

For the second problem, it does not change anything.
My problem is that, the list of values in filters coming from linked tables is not pre-filtered with only values related to my main table.
Ex : In my quotes dashboard, I have filters on data from the customer table. This table is well linked in my query. However, in the filter, I have by default the complete list of all existing customers and not the customers who received quotes.
Is there a way to pre-filter/limit values in a filter?

Thank you in advance !

@MarieG You will have to use Linked Filters to limit the dropdown. There's a request for getting the values from a query - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:

Hi @flamber,
If I well understand, there is no solution for now.
I see something in the following issue Designs for using a saved question to populate options for SQL text/number variable filters · Issue #6820 · metabase/metabase · GitHub but, in my environment, I do not have this option :
Is this something only available in some configurations on Metabase and not in the free one?
Thank you in advance !

@MarieG All the issues I've linked to, if they are "Open" (see the big green label below the issue title), then the issue has not been resolved (fixed/implemented). Upvote issues by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue you're interested in. I cannot provide timelines for any issues.

@flamber Thank you for your answer regarding the issues status.
Regarding this option below in yellow, do you know why I do not have it?

@MarieG No one has that. It's a design mockup in the issue. It has not been implemented.

@flamber ok, sorry. Thank you for your help.