Filters on Dashboard not getting updated with table data

Firstly, thanks a lot for this fantastic product; makes life so simple!

I am using v0.22.2, and connecting to a MySQL database. The table contains a MySQL int(10) field (which is seen as ‘Category’ under Metabase AdminPanel). I have a filter created on the dashboard, which essentially is a dropdown containing distinct values from the aforementioned field. When I create everything from scratch, the values in the filter dropdown are shown correctly, but when any change is made to the data, the filter does not contain the updated values.

For instance, let’s say, I have values {1,2,3} in the dropdown filter; and my underlying table is updated to now contain values {1,2,3,4}. After Auto-refresh/ Page reload, I want to show the value ‘4’ in the dropdown as well; but apparently, it is not displayed.

If I restart my metabase java process, I do see the value ‘4’ getting displayed in the dropdown. Am I missing any configuration setting, or do I have to configure the field as any specific type to make it available in the dropdown at run-time.

Thanks in advance for your response(s).


EDIT: Also see the same issue on the Questions page as well. When the data is updated, the values in checkbox do not change until the metabase process is restarted.

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We sync the underlying sets of fields values once a night. It’s a pretty expensive operation on large databases, and we err on the side of not nuking the underlying data warehouse.

We’ll be offering better ways to keep these things up to date, but for not realize that it doesn’t make sense for us to do all of these computations every time a dashboard is refreshed.