Find the questions from the task id or task name

We are facing outages sometimes and not able to figure it out. It might happen due to some huge queries were fired.
Is there any way to find the queries which actually take long time to execute?
Is it possible to find the queries from the task id or task name?

Hi @asain
Define "outages". There should be logs indicating what is happening.
You can see queries executed in the application database table query_execution

Ever after increasing the container size, we are experiencing garbage collection issues. JVM Garbage Collection Time is too high

@asain Metabase doesn't control GC - you do with Java properties.

Understood, but there is spike in heap utilization. The heap utilization is very high is it because of any query fetching huge amount records or taking longer time?

@asain I don't know, since I cannot see your logs, so it's impossible to understand what is going on.
There's a known issue with the analysis (sync, fingerprint, scan) process, which doesn't correctly release memory: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

I am unable to fetch any result from the query table of the Metabase Internal DB using the query_hash clause.
May I know the relation between Query and Query_execution (Metabase Internal Tables). As we have figured out an issue in one of the queries from the query_execution table, we need to investigate the query/question and the dashboard in which it is used.

@asain You currently cannot correlate with the hash: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Could you please me to find out the exact query from the query_execution table result?

@asain That's not possible until the issue is fixed.