Firebird connection

after updating metabase.jar this message appears after registering the firebird database “This database has no tables.” version 0.36.8 works well but recent ones do not.

can someone help

Hi @antoninorocha
Revert to your backup and make sure there’s a compatible driver before upgrading:’s-new-in-0.37.0-for-Metabase-driver-authors

Yes, the driver seems ok to me, but I understand that it can be detailed in the metabase because everything is ok when the registration is previous, the metabase works very well, it just happens in the new bank registration.

when there is a new firebird bank registration, if already registered everything works fine.
Driver - > v1.2.1

if I register in metabase version 3.6 everything is ok - Google Translation

@antoninorocha I don’t know which driver you are using, but I’m guessing it’s this one, which hasn’t been updated for a while, so it will likely not work for newer versions of Metabase:

if the firebird base is registered in the old metabase version everything works, it only happens in a new registration.

@antoninorocha Open an issue in the driver repo. Since 0.37, Metabase asks the drivers if they have read permissions to the table (have-select-privilege):

do we have any way to do this without waiting for the driver?

read permissions to the table ( have-select-privilege )

@antoninorocha Perhaps using another intermediate that Metabase supports like BigQuery and connect Firebird there.

firebird connects but does not show the tables inside the metabase, if any can help how to fix it.

@antoninorocha Downgrade to until there’s a new driver that supports newer versions of Metabase.

to test it registers the same firebird type database that the tables will not appear.

I would like to see it working well because I use a lot of metabase with firebird.
after version 03682 stopped working

if I need to register another bank type firebird the tables do not appear, the rest is ok

@antoninorocha As I have said multiple times. The driver needs to be updated. Create an issue here:
There’s nothing Metabase or this forum can do.

OK, grateful

Hello, there was an update of the drive now connects but I don’t see the tables, I already warned there too, but can you check?

Hello, there was an update of the drive now connects but I don’t see the tables, I already warned there too, but can you check?

I updated metabase 0.38.1 and the firebird driver 1.3, the base is registered and connected, but the tables do not appear in the metabase, I use firebird 2.5 and centos7 but I tested with ubuntu 20 and the tables still don’t appear, but I did a native sql test and I can see the data the tables do not appear, accessing with sysdba and nothing … can someone help?
I think there is little left to solve and to be valuing the metabase, which seems very good to me. Just review what’s wrong.

Hi Antoninorocha,

Were you able to list all the tables under database section? If resolved then what changes you made in the code?