Firebird Metabase connection on Windows

I’m using Metabase version 0.37.4, I put the Firebird.jar file in the Plugins folder, but I can’t connect my database to Metabase, what else can I do to connect? Follow the prints of the base path and jar path

Hi @gprilopes
Without knowing which Firebird driver you are using, then I’m guessing it’s this one:
It has not been updated to later Metabase versions, so it will likely not work on versions after 0.34

Where can I get version 0.32?

@gprilopes You can find all releases here:
Remember that downgrade is not officially supported, so you might have to setup a new setup.

Hello, I also need the update, does anyone know how to contact the people who produce the plugin?

@antoninorocha Try opening an issue in the repo or even better, create a fix a submit a PR:

@antoninorocha @gprilopes The plugin currently works without any issues with metabase version v0.37.4

Maybe try connecting to another type of database using another plugin to rule out if the issue is the specific plugin or maybe paths or permissions.

I don’t know if the issue is on adding plugins, I did start using it since the last update to it (march 2019)

I’m running metabase on a server over docker.

The only thing I’m identifying is that the database name is the whole windows/network path to the file including extension not just the name.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for responding, but it’s working, but when I register another firebird database or do another registration, the tables do not appear using the root login with full permission.
I mean a new record, same as the one that already exists, register but the tables do not appear and register in the previous version everything is ok

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try to make a firebird registration from the beginning, after the registration of the tables do not appear.