Font size does not reduce on embedded Metabase on mobile


I am using Metabase embedded dashboard in my own web app; but when displayed on mobile the charts and font don’t scale down small enough to be seen properly. See attachment; what can I do? Custom CSS?


Hi @damienkopp
Which version of Metabase?
Currently there isn’t a “custom CSS” feature - there’s PR, but it hasn’t been implemented:
A workaround would be to add your own CSS with a reverse proxy.


Thanks! Version 0.32.5, the latest. So I can use this custom CSS thing?


Like I wrote, it has not been implemented, so no. You would have to create your own build and include that PR.
But if you use a reverse proxy, then you can either replace one of the file paths with your own modified version or add new content (like sub_filter on Nginx).


Thanks! Will give it a try!