Force metabase to show table, not card

Hi there, people!
How can I get table rows, instead of the card view?

I simply can’t see my records this way. Is there any workaround?

This is happening to me whenever I try to filter results based on a unique field… :frowning:

Hi @lucas.lima
It’s because of the Primary Key. I cannot find an issue about this, so you might want to create a feature request.
But as a workaround, you can create a Saved Question (Nested Query) and use that as your source.

It happens when you filter on the Primary Key (Entity key).

Two workarounds:

  1. Change the report to SQL (no need to change the SQL, it just stops doing it)
  2. Filter on something else - not as daft as it sounds, if you can create a view instead, just have a 2nd column with a copy of the primary key.

Would be better to have an option to turn it off, but until then…

Oh, thanks, guys!
I’ve been able to just remove the Entity key (possible in my case). Thanks for the support - I’ve filed an issue.

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