Forcing the use of AWS Aurora Parallel Query

AWS Aurora RDS for MySQL has a feature known as Parallel Query which will improve latencies for Analytics Workloads.

We can force Aurora to use Parallel Query for a session using
SET SESSION aurora_pq_force = on;

which will ensure that it is used for all the queries run in that session.

Is there a way to ensure that all queries going from Metabase use this setting by configuring anywhere.
I could not even use this as a separate SQL statement while building dashboards.

Hi @eldos
Admin > Databases > (db) > Connection String: sessionVariables=aurora_pq_force=on
Or perhaps try using 1 instead of on.

Multi-statements are currently not supported, though it's possible to enable for MySQL: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Thanks @flamber
This is working