Foreign keys: allow the default value of the foreign table by default (not "Original Value")

A little one, but quite frustrating when dealing with a lot of tables in the admin > Data Model section.
So, after some research, I have figured out that the right working order is:

  1. Work first on the “authority tables” that are quoted elsewhere as foreign tables
  2. Define in each the “Entity name”
  3. then, when quoting one of those tables by foreign key in another table, and selecting “Use foreign key”, the name defined in #2 is automatically chosen.

This behavior is GREAT.

But could you make it EVEN GREATER by switching by default to “Use foreign key” instead of defaulting to "

Hi @stsinc
But like you point out, if the structure of your database isn’t setup, so Metabase knows the “Entity key” (Primary Key) and “Entity name” (based on automagic that tries to find columns with “name” or “title”), then it’s not possible to set “Use foreign key”.
You’re welcome to open a feature request: