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Hi guys,

For the first time I ran metabase.jar, and opened the localhost, and it asked me for my email and password, normally it would just go directly to the tool to work, therefore I haven’t used my password for a long time, so I need to reset it, but they ask me to contact an administrator to do so, but I can´t seem to find a contact. Any help?

Hi @joao.p.costa

Guide to resetting password:

Did you setup email settings? If yes, then you can click the “Forgot password” and you’ll receive an email with a token.

Otherwise if you’re using the H2 default database as internal metadata, then it’s a lot more difficult than if you’re using Postgres or MariaDB/MySQL.
If you don’t know what you setup, then you’re most likely using the default H2.

You either have to setup email settings in the table setting and then request forgotten password.
Or find the token in table core_user and use that to gain access directly with the URL:

I’m lost, I remembered that I didn’t have to create to an account until I had to come here to the discussion forum. Normally they wouldn’t ask me for anything, here’s a print of what shows up

When you start Metabase the first time, then it asks to create an account - that account will be of the type Super Admin.
If you have forgotten the credentials and just want to start over, then you can remove Metabase, which will also remove all created dashboards/questions, and then install it again.

Started from the beginning and it’s working now, still don’t know exactly what happened but the important part is that it’s working!

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