Forking metabase : experience feedbacks

Hi everyone,

I'm working for a SaaS company and we are exploring the possibility to embed Metabase within our platform. Reading the documentation here , the way of embedding we are exploring is "Forking the Metabase Source Code".
The main reason behind that is because our product runs on a single tenant architecture (each client have it's own platform, database, etc.) and some are deployed on-premise.

Would anyone have explore this track ? Do you know anyone who does :innocent: ?
I'm really looking forward to some experience feedbacks on this, use cases documentation.

Many thanks in advance for your help !

Hi @ArthurHo
Your description doesn't sound like you need to build your own version of Metabase, but merely just embed it. You should probably describe what you are trying to change first.

There are customers who just use the official releases with whitelabelling.
Then some who make small modifications by injection CSS via a reverse-proxy.
And then there are larger companies that make many changes, but they usually have several developers to make those changes, which keeping up-to-date with newer official releases.

Unless you are used to building large projects, which involves Clojure and React, then it's going to be a very big project for you.

You would follow the developer documentation:

To begin with, just make a build of an existing tag, so it matches one of the official releases.
Then you can start making customizations.