Format currency in a Pulse

How can I format a number in a Pulse the same way as it displays on the dashboard? My dashboard displays the number as currency like $X,XXX,XXX.XX but in the Pulse, it just displays a decimal number XXXXXXX.XX.

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I solved my own problem. I realized I used the question formatting options on top of my query results. The solution to the problem, in case it helps anyone in the future, is to run the query and format the number as currency, in my case:

to_char(sum(NUMBER), ‘FM$999,999,999,990D00’)

Nice solution! I had to modify it a bit, like this:


By the way, I added the euro symbol:


This returned the correct format for me: ##.###,## €

In what part ot the question I insert this format?

It’s for SQL queries, not using the Custom question builder.
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Hello Flamber,

Thanks for your quick answer.
This is my Query in what part I insert the format currency?

SELECT sum(“dbo”.“MB_OT_Q_Orden_Trabajo_Generada_Q”.“OT_Precio_Cot”) AS “sum”
FROM “dbo”.“MB_OT_Q_Orden_Trabajo_Generada_Q”
WHERE CAST(CAST(“dbo”.“MB_OT_Q_Orden_Trabajo_Generada_Q”.“OT_Fecha_Recib” AS date) AS datetime) = CAST(CAST(dateadd(day, -1, getdate()) AS date) AS datetime)

@rdruiz In your case, you would wrap it around your sum(...) function, since that’s the only column you’re selecting. And since it’s SQL, then what functions are available depends on which database and version you’re using, so it’s nothing to do with Metabase here.