Format number columns

In our database we store numbers in cents. So if someone types 1 we store as 100. Since we deal with larger numbers this makes it hard to glance at and know what the real values are without having to do at least a little math in your head.

Is there a way with the table visualization or something to do some basic math for formatting? For example {value}/100 or something? I know I could do this with custom columns but I want something a non-coder can do and they want all the columns so building our own SQL for every table isn't super helpful.

In a table visualization, click the Visualization settings button > click on the three dots next to the column you need to do the {{value}}/100 to > you should see the Multiply by a number field > input .01

Thanks! That doesn't show for me in mine. Could it be that JSONB fields arent supported? Attached you can see its for sure a number and there are no values besides numbers here but it's being tagged as "text" and I see no way to change it. I did notice on non-JSONB fields I was able to multiply, thank you! But we have a lot of JSONB data unfortunately. Can you alter JSONB classifications in Metabase?

Okay so it seems the columns you're showing (LoanAmount, MonthlyPayment) are all string fields. The solution I referenced above will only work with a numerical data type.

Right, but they shouldnt be or I dont know how to change it. That link I dont think mentions it. Is there a way to change it or explanation somewhere why it would mark a field that only ever has numbers as a string?

You need to change those at Database level. since the metadata is just a visual setting ... If you have a column which is numeric and you change the metadata to text. Metabase will prompt text related functions that will probably error out