Format numbers without commas

I have a dataset that includes a unique numeric identifier. Proper display is zero-padded without commas. A good real world example would be 01000. In Metabase, this gets displayed in results as 1,000.

Based on my read of docs and other threads I’m pretty sure zero padding is not an option (would have to save it as a string-based field). Is there at least a way I can tell Metabase to stop putting commas in there? Changing the Special Type in the Metadata section does not seem to make a difference.

Update: I discovered that Metabase respects MySQL formatting functions. I was able to get the expected result by calling the field as such…

LPAD(field_name, 5, '0')

As a follow-up, it would be awesome if I could define such output display options in the table metadata.

We’re working on that side of it yet.

However, I’d describe our approach as one where we ask you to tell us what you’re trying to communicate or what a cell/result means vs having you specify things like left padding or decimal places. Eg, we’re working on things like currency.

Situations like yours, where you have a 0-padded int are a bit outside of the core features we’re thinking of

When will this be available?