Format Numeric Field to show in Millions/Billions etc

Hi , Currently numeric field shows as is which means if value is 1,000,000 then it shows as is, now i want to show like 1Million something like this. Is it possible currently in metabase ? if yes how can this be acchieved?

In the number formatting, use:
You’d need to enter 0.000001
Then in suffix:
or your preferred text

Perfect thanks

Is there any way to make the suffix conditional? Like if the value is more than a million - then divide it by a million and show the ‘million’ suffix, but if I apply some filters and the number becomes less than 100 - then display it as is? This will prevent showing ‘0.0001 million’ in cases when filters cut off a lot of rows

Are there any existing feature requests regarding the conditional suffix? Where should I create one if no such requests exist yet?

@MusicMaker1337 All bugs and feature requests live on Github:

It sounds like you’re looking for what the implementation of this would give: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post