Formatting columns & data

Hi ! I cannot seem to manage to format columns names or data in the columns to display something readable to users. Is that available somewhere that I just did not manage to find ? Thanks guys !

Hi @kbruere
Which version are you using? Could supply a screenshot to help understanding what you want?

Thanks @flamber
We’re running v0.31.2

See the headers ? The names are just the most basic possible and can’t seem to be able to use an understandable name : for in !stance “avg2” is the defautl name and we cannot change it (or at least we don’t know how to)
Also the value should be shown as monetary (for instance20,32€ and not just 20,32).
Hope this is clearer

Click the little :gear: icon (left side, just above the columns, next to Visualizations Tables). This will give you the option to choose visible columns, but also changing the column name and formatting (again it’s a little :gear: icon for each column)

Thanks again!

I do access a formatting option but cannot seem to see where to change column name or even formatting. Nothing happens if I try to change the name and don’t see any where to change formatting. Can’t see any parameters there. Is it me ?


I know you said that you’re using 0.31.2, but do you mind re-checking? Click the Settings > About Metabase.

Which browser are you using?
What type of database do you connect to?
Do you manually sync the database or is it configured to automatic (default)?
And have you configured your Data Model to match the column Type?

This is how it looks for me:

Hi @kbruere,

There’s another option than the new Question level one @flamber mention above. In the Metadata section of the admin interface you can set field names, data types which helps Metabase come up with better defaults for formatting data etc.

The benefit of doing it there on the table level is that it’s set once and for all for the data source instead of that everyone has to do it over and over again for each new Question for the same data source, Here’s the documentation link:

No you’re right @flamber, we’re running :
“You’re on version v0.30.4 / Built on 2018-09-26”

I indeed do not have the little image you mentionned.

Also, I’m using METABase with Chrome and we connect to a DWH developped with MySQL

Re the column type, the most adjusted I could find was price but it still does not show the # sign. In the documentation it says there is a type “Currency” which I cannot seem to find. Version issue maybe?

Hi @jornh,

Read & tried that but does not seem to change the issue, sounds like we should be upgrading versions. My admin is looking into it! Thanks for the share of that part of the doc, could not manage to find instructions when I looked! I’ll keep you posted

Easy to overlook :slight_smile:
I think most of the things, that you’re looking for are available in 0.31.2, so let’s wait until you’ve upgraded to search for them.

All set guys! Thanks a million for your hints! :muscle::sunglasses:

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